Day 1: This is the day you arrive in Kiev. Inna will meet you at the
airport, take you to the hotel and help you settle in.
Day 2: First thing in the morning, we will go with you to the Adoption
Center. You will discuss the age and sex of the child or children you hope
to find, see photographs and read through the files. Then, if the child's
orphanage is not in Kiev, we leave Kiev with you for the orphanage,
travelling by train or car depending on distance.
Day 3: Visit the orphanage, choose your child(ren).
Day 4 and 5: Stay in the orphanage city, visiting the child every day, while
we prepare the paperwork for the court hearing.
Day 6: Receive the approval papers for Court.
Day 7:Court Hearing in orphanage city.
Day 8: Apply for new birth certificate with new place of birth and new
Day 9: Apply for new passport; take the child(ren) out of the orphanage.
Day 10: Waiting in orphanage city for passport. First day with the
Day 11: Pick up the new passport(s) and all return to Kiev.
Day 12: Documents check at your embassy. (Sometimes this can only take place
10 days after the court hearing.)
Day 13: We fly to Warsaw with parents to appointment at American Embassy to
process child(ren) visa.
Day 14: Leave Warsaw to fly HOME!

The above schedule includes the day activities, but it does not take into
account weekends.Weather, distances,additional orphanage visits, holidays,
and bureaucracy all contribute as well. We suggest that parents plan for
three weeks, knowing that as soon as the court hearing is over, one parent
will be free to go home.
You will need two or three weeks here in Ukraine. Its rare for anyone to
stay longer, but it CAN happen. So be prepared for the possibility of an
extra week, and also remember that one parent will be free to go home after
7-10 days.


We offer non-prejudicial assistance to singles and couples regardless of
race, colour, religion and ethnic background.We offer flexibility regarding
your plans. We will make every effort to meet the needs and wishes of
individual parents.

Our total price for facilitation of an adoption is between and 10,000$. A second child
adopted in the same court hearing as the first child is an additional


1. Information for parents to obtain visas and registration of accommodation
(Legal Requirement of Ukraine Government).

2.Airline and travel information for journey to and from Ukraine.

3.Transportation within Ukraine.

4. Accommodation in hotel in Kiev.

5. Accommodation in one orphanage city outside Kiev. If necessary.

6. Accompanied travel within Ukraine to in orphanage city, if necessary.

7. Translator's expenses.

8. Facilitator's fees.

9. Accompanied attendance at the Adoption Center, Court, the clinic for your
child(ren) medical, and your Embassy.

10. Charitable Donation (2,000$).


For a small extra fee per day we can provide one of our interpreter who will
go grocery shopping with you, take you to tourist locations and in general
look after you when you do not need professional assistance.

*We request that you send us your Application Fee when you are ready to
start the adoption.

* The fee for Dossier preparation should be sent to us with your papers and
forms when your Dossier documents are ready.

*We request that the In-Country fee be sent when you are notified that you
have been approved to adopt by the Ukrainian Center for Adoption.

We DO NOT include:

*Homestudy preparation.

*Cost of Dossier preparation in your home country.

*Your air travel from and to home.

*Your travel between Kiev and Warsaw.

*Your accommodation in Warsaw.

*Your embassy fees.

*Medical examination fees for the child(ren).

*Post-placement reports.

Our fees include advice and assistance on preparation of the above, but not
the actual expense involved.Your fees to us ensure us that once you are in
Ukraine, you are our responsibility and we take care of you completely except
for meals. Everyone's taste is different, and we would find it very
difficult indeed to please everyone. We help grocery shopping, and arrange


The American Embassy in Warsaw processes Entry Visas for children adopted
from Ukraine. A child can not enter USA without one. This is because
American citizenship and American passports can only be arranged AFTER the
child(ren) actually ARRIVE in America. Children retain their Ukrainian
citizenship until the age of 18 years and therefore your child will grow up
with dual nationality.

We help you to arrange your hotel accommodation in Warsaw, then travel there
with you, attend the Embassy with you, and then next day put you on the
flight home.

If you doubt about our service it is possible for us to give you some
addresses of families, who found here their sons and daughters.

Gifts delivery for child - orphan

We have organized the action on delivery of gifts for the orphans from shelters (Odessa city ).
You can carry out the order of a gift for the child - orphan here:
We undertake to send you a photo at moment of delivery of a gift. If you want that we have delivered to children something especial, write to us!



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